Book Review: Theodore Boone the Abduction by John Grisham


Genre: Mystery
Ages: 10 and Up

This book was even better than the first one! I was immediately hooked on the first page. The intensity and mystery were both kicked up a notch and you could definitely see Theo’s detective skills being put to the test. John Grisham has truly outdone himself. I cannot wait for more!

Theodore Boone is back and once again dealing with another major problem. His best friend April Finnemore was mysteriously taken from her room one night without a single clue left behind. The abduction leaves everyone in the town of Strattenburg worried and hungry for answers. Theo is the one who knows her best and he is determined to find and rescue her. Using his legal knowledge and with a little bit of help, he just might be able to save the day once more.

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-The Soup Chef

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  1. Hi Isabel! I had no idea John Grisham wrote young-adult books/mysteries. I really like John Grisham's novels. I remember feeling very gripped by the book called "The Firm" when I was in the 9th grade. How are you?