Book Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling


Genre: Fantasy
Ages: 9 and Up
     Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is bound to be a special one, as it is the year of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, an event in which three different wizarding schools compete to bring home glory and riches. Each school has one champion (a sixth year and up), chosen to represent them, and the names of all eligible competitors is placed into the goblet of fire. To everyone's surprise though, Harry's name is drawn as a fourth competitor, giving him a lot of unnecessary attention. Many people think Harry cheated his way in, but in truth, Harry is even unsure as to who put his name in. He is sure of one thing though; whoever put his name in is determined to harm him in the end, no matter what the costs are.

     Once again, another magnificent Harry Potter read! J.K. Rowling managed to throw surprises, excitement, and mystery at readers, better then ever before. I was either smiling or at the edge of my seat throughout the whole book, and often had a hard time putting it down. I cannot wait to see what next is in store for Harry and his whole gang!

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