Book Review: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling


Genre: Fantasy
Ages: 9 and Up

     Harry Potter has spent all 11 years of his miserable life living with his atrocious aunt and uncle and their son, Dudley Dursley. The Dursleys have always been mean to Harry, forcing him to sleep in a closet beneath the staircase and forcing him to do slave work. Harry doesn't seem to know why he's treated the way he his, that is, until one day, when a mysterious letter arrives in the mail, inviting him to a special school by the name of Hogwarts.
     Soon enough, Harry discovers that he is a wizard, just as his deceased parents both once were, and a quite famous one at that. At Hogwarts, Harry begins to learn the basics of wizardry, and for the first time in his life he truly enjoys himself. Slowly though, Harry begins to unravel a deep and dark mystery, hidden inside the school walls, one that almost directly involves him. With the help of a few new friends, Harry begins to put it all together, piece by piece. Ultimately though, it is up to Harry alone to overcome the battle of good versus evil.

This book was phenomenal! I know I was a bit late to read it, but boy am I sure glad I finally did! J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter has most definitely made its way onto my all-time favorite list of books! Reading this novel brought me back to my younger days, when reading wasn't something I did for school but sheer pleasure. Whenever I got even a second of free time, I would be reading this book. It was a true page-turner, with genuine action, humor, dynamic characters, and an excellent plot line. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen next, I was pleasantly surprised by superb new discoveries made by the characters. Throughout the whole story, I longed to go to Hogwarts myself, and stand there side-by-side with the characters; it was really that good. All in all, from start to finish, this novel was, quite simply, amazing.

Have you read any of the Harry Potter books before, or other ones similar to them? If so, tell us what you thought about them right here at Reading Soup, or on my Google Plus profile page! Was it good, or bad overall? Who were your favorite characters? Would you recommend it to other readers? It's always a pleasure to hear your literary thoughts and opinions. Have a great day, and keep on reading!

- The Soup Chef

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