Book Review: The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict


Genre: Fiction
Ages: 9 and Up

     Being the huge fan I am of The Mysterious Benedict Society series, this book was an absolute wonderful read for me. This prequel delved into the unique past of Nicholas Benedict, taking place when he was just a boy. While reading The Mysterious Benedict Society series, Mr. Benedict never failed to amaze and mystify me, so this book not only clarified many things for me, but also caused me to become even more curious about him. Beyond the plot line encircling Nicholas' interesting life, this novel showed the simple joys of childhood, while also displaying the value of friendships found in unlikely places. If you're looking for a good book with mystery and a satisfying ending, or you're a lover of the other books in The Mysterious Benedict Society series, please consider reading this novel! You most certainly won't regret it.

About: At the age of nine, Nicholas Benedict has arrived at yet another orphanage, again. For as long as he can remember, Nicholas has been passed around from orphanage to orphanage, simply because of his terrible narcolepsy condition, which causes him to have horrendous sleeping spells at any moment. Besides his sleeping disorder, Nicholas Benedict has something else different about him: he's a child genius.
     Sure, many won't recognize it, or are completely baffled by his photographic memory, but that doesn't stop Nick from pursuing a better future, wherever that might be. And who knows? Maybe here at the new orphanage, Rothschild's End, he'll make some friends!
     Little does young Nicholas Benedict know though, that Rothschild's End will change his life forever, pulling him into a mystery that only continues to grow.

     Have you read The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict before, or any other books in The Mysterious Benedict Society series? If so, tell us what you thought about them, right here at Reading Soup, or on my Google Plus profile page! Did you like the book overall? Would you recommend it to other readers? What was your favorite part or character? It's always a pleasure to hear your literary thoughts and opinions! Have a stupendous day, and keep on reading!

- The Soup Chef


  1. This is such a well-written post! And you have convinced me to read The Mysterious Benedict Society. I put it on my Goodreads list as my next book to read! Thanks!


    1. Sounds great! It'll definitely be worth your time to read! I'm glad you liked the review! :)