Book Review: The Kill Order by James Dashner


Genre: Sci-Fi
Ages: 12 and Up

     This book is the prequel to The Maze Runner trilogy, and I found that once again James Dashner was able to create an amazingly powerful, and action-packed story. This time, it takes places 13 years before the creation of the maze. I was immediately hooked when I began reading it, but also felt somewhat unsure of how it would connect with the rest of the books. And towards the end of novel, it finally became clear, and I was astounded. This novel is a perfect read for anyone who loves a good story with great characters, and a lot of action. Just make sure to read the rest of series beforehand, otherwise most of the book won't make much sense, and it will spoil certain information found in other parts of the series. All in all I was captivated by this book, and I hope that you take the time to read it in the near future.

     Mark thought that the worst parts of his life were over, and that everything from this point on would be smooth sailing. Unfortunately, he was wrong. Now, there is a disease spreading. One that changes people, making them savage and insane. With his friends, Mark sets out to find out where the virus came from, and how to stop it. Along the way, he encounters numerous surprises, and realizes that his plans will have to be compromised.

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