Book Review: The Maze Runner by James Dashner


Genre: Sci- Fi
Ages: 12 and Up

                            Many people I know have been talking about this book, and they all said it was really good, so I decided to check it out for myself. And once I started it, I was absolutely intrigued by it! It always kept me guessing and at many points in the story I could not put it down. The ending is a little bit unexpected, but it does really give the story more depth and makes it a lot more interesting. I am very excited to read the sequel, The Scorch Trials. I was also very pleased to find out that the movie for this book will be coming out in September of this year. If you want more information, you can check it out on James Dashner's website: 

                          One day, Thomas wakes up to find himself in a dark box, remembering only his first name. Before he knows it he finds himself in the Glade, a huge stone courtyard in the middle of a massive maze. Once there he finds many other boys around his age, and they inform Thomas that every 30 days a new boy arrives in the Glade, also remembering only his first name. None of the Gladers know how they arrived there, or who sent them at that. And everyday, a constant thought it on their minds: they need to find a way out of the maze and back to civilization. But one day a girl arrives, the first one ever. She carries information that leads the Gladers to make one sure conclusion: everything is about to change, and Thomas just might hold the answers to it all.

                          Have you read this book before or another one similar to it? If so, tell us what you thought about it right here at Reading Soup or on my Google Plus profile page! Was it good or bad? What was your favorite part? Would you recommend it to other readers? It's always a pleasure to hear your opinions about different books! Have a great day, and keep on reading!

- The Soup Chef
(P.S. If you plan on going to see the Maze Runner movie, please make sure you read the books beforehand! The books always have more detail and are more accurate than the movie.)

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  1. Isabel-- I just finished this book today and couldn't put it down! I read the last 150 pages in one sitting! Can't wait for the movie! April