Book Review: The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder


Genre: Historical Fiction
Ages: 9 and Up

            This book was very good, and somewhat depressing. It's not that I didn't like it, I've always loved the Little House on the Prairie books, it's just that this book in particular mainly takes place in the winter and it's a very harsh and cold winter at that. So, to me, I thought that it made the book seem very dull and negative at some points. But, like all of the books in it's series, there was a happy ending. That definitely cheered me up! All in all, this book was pretty good and I would recommend it to anyone who loves Little House on the Prairie or historical fiction.

            Laura Ingalls in her family have finally settled in their little claim shanty on the outskirts of the small town of De Smet. They experience lovely weather in the summer and fall. One day, an old Indian visits the town and warns everyone that a terrible winter is on it's way, and there'll be seven months of blizzards and coldness.
           Soon enough, the people in the town find out that the Indian's warning was true. Seven months of bitterly cold and threatening blizzards. Trains stop bringing essential supplies. Food begins to run short, and pretty soon the people of the town are struggling to survive. Together they must all find a way to make it through the winter, or else.         

I know that this does seem like an odd book to read in the summer, but nevertheless it was still a good read. Therefore, if you have read this book before or another one similar to it, please feel free to tell us what you thought about it right here at Reading Soup, or on my Google Plus profile page. It's always a pleasure to hear what you guys have to say about different books! Have a great summer, and keep on reading!

- The Soup Chef

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