Book Review: Girl, Stolen by April Henry


Genre: Realistic Fiction
Ages: 11 and Up

            This book was extremely suspenseful. I wouldn’t call it mystery or action, but it definitely was a book that kept you on the edge of your seat. I especially loved it towards the end because things take such a surprising twist! Teens and adults of all ages would enjoy reading this book.

Cheyenne Wilder has been blind for the last three years of her life. Her father is the president of Nike. She is sick with pneumonia. One day, when resting in the back of her step-mom's car, she gets kidnapped. Not on purpose though. Her kidnapper had only meant to steal the car, not her. Soon her kidnapper and his affiliates find out who Cheyenne’s powerful father is. Now they have a reason to actually keep her. But will Cheyenne be able to find a way out of all of this? Or will she never see her family and friends again?

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