Book Review: Theodore Boone the Accused by John Grisham


Genre: Mystery
Ages: 10 and Up

This book was probably the most mysterious of the three. It seems that there were questions being asked on every page, some that were still left unanswered after I finished reading. John Grisham did an amazing job with all three of his Theodore Boone books. I really hope that he’ll come out with more soon! If you enjoy a good mystery, this book is meant for you!

Strange things are happening all throughout Strattenburg. To start, the accused murder, Pete Duffy, has gone missing on the very day he is summoned to court. Know one knows where he is, or why he left. And to make matters worse, someone is after Theo Boone and will stop at nothing to accuse him for a crime he did not commit. People all over town soon begin to blame Theo and his face is put all over the news. It’s up to the kid lawyer to put his skills to the test and find the true criminal. 
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