Book Review: Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder


Genre: Historical Fiction
Ages: 9 and Up

This is book is a classic piece of American Literature and I believe that everyone should read this beautiful story. It really made me want to be alive back then and just enjoy the simple lifestyle people had. Laura Ingalls Wilder did an amazing job with this story!  Adults, teens, and children of all ages would greatly appreciate this story. I cannot wait to read the next in its series, Little House on the Prairie.

Laura Ingalls lives with her family in a tiny log house in the big woods of Minnesota. They farm for a living, hunt, and explore their natural surroundings. There are also dances at their Grandparent’s house and home made maple syrup. And in the winter all the cousins come and St. Nicholas brings toys and candy. And even though life can sometimes be hard for Laura and her family, she always knows she will be safe and sound when she has her family by her side.

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