Book Review: Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer by John Grisham


Genre: Mystery
Ages: 10 and Up

This book is highly addictive. It started off slow, but then the intensity level began to build and I couldn’t put it down. This entire novel is full of suspense. John Grisham combined mystery with law in such an amazing way. Anyone who enjoys a good mystery would absolutely love this book!

13 year-old Theodore Boone has practically lived all of his life in the courtroom. Both of his parents are lawyers and he knows every judge, attorney, and police officer in the city of Strattenburg. And when he’s old enough, he plans to be one of them.
But then the murder happens. Possibly the biggest one in the town’s history. A smug man with the perfect scheme has been accused of killing his own wife. He’s about to go free and only Theo knows the witness who saw it all. Will the killer go free, or will the truth be revealed?

If you have read this book before, please tell us what you thought about it right here at Reading Soup! What was your favorite scene? What was good about it? What didn’t you like about it? Would you recommend it to other readers? I enjoy hearing what you guys have to say about books! Keep on reading!

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