Book Review: Simeon's Fire


Genre: Realistic Fiction
Ages: 9-12

               I didn't really expect much from this book at first, but while I was reading it I saw just how good it really was! Cathryn Clinton did an amazing job at showing the daily life of the Amish and what types of struggles they go through. It really gave me a new perspective about them that I never would've thought about. It is obvious when reading the book that Clinton did a lot of thorough research when creating this beautiful story. She used many Amish words in the books that helped to bring the story to life and at the back of the book a glossary for all the words was even included for the reader. I think that both boy and girl middle-level readers will enjoy this book very much!

            All his life Simeon Zook has had a way with animals. One night he goes out to the barn to check on a new horse and find that his family's barn has been set on fire! And to make it worse he has a terrible secret that reveals the hideous truth about the whole fire but he's too afraid to tell anyone.Will he become bold enough to tell his family the truth? Will those men by the barn that night hurt his family if he speaks up? Was it his fault the fire even started? Read on and find out!

            Have you read Simeon's Fire or any other great books before? Well if you have tell me about them right here at Reading Soup! It's always good to hear your thoughts and opinions about great books! Have a great summer and keep on reading!

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