A Poem From The Soup Kitchen


This week I chose to write a poem for you all about how life moves on. I hope you all like it and can relate to it in some way or another.

-The Soup Chef
But Life Moves On

Everything and everyone in this life moves on eventually.

Wonderful and magical moments of your life move on to become sad and emotional moments where you break down crying.

Amazing teacher, mentors, tutors, and professors tell you that you were their best class or student they've ever had but eventually they move on and find another group of pupils five years later and tell them the exact same thing.

Seasons like summer that you love so much slowly move on to fall, which moves onto winter, which moves on to spring.

Time always moves on.

It waits for no one and nothing.

I had been foolish and tried asking it once but of course it didn't stop for me.

My friends moved on.

I know they love and miss me but life still goes on for them and slowly they don't bring you up in conversations as much as they used to and they plan to do things without you.

Because life moves on.

But one person still hasn't moved on from the magical moments, the amazing teachers, the glorious season, and the short amount of time she spent with her outstanding best friends.

That person,
is me.

But life...


  1. Isabel, what a moving and reflective poem. It is very sobering to realize that time does continue on and we cannot stop it! Perhaps that is what makes memories so precious. I have many fond memories of you and your family! Miss you!

  2. I miss you too Ms. Shea and thank you for your lovely comment!