A Poem From The Soup Kitchen


A good friend of mine wrote this poem for me when I had to say goodbye to her and I was deeply touched by it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do whenever I read it!

- The Soup Chef

Best Friends
By: Jane Lee

Best friend, best friend,

Through thick and thin,

No matter what

I got your back, you got mine,

I'll help you out anytime!

Best friend, best friend

The memories we had no longer matter

You found out you were moving

then you told us and just left.

You walked outside

with a heavy heart,

looking back to the place,

you left some great memories at.

Best friend, best friend,

I'll be right here till the end

I'll never forget the time we spent

Even if you are not in my life,

You are always in my heart.

Best friend, best friend

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