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Hi readers! I have just received yet another book review from one of my friends and readers on The Goose Girl. Here is what they had to write about it, "The Goose Girl is a book about a princess who is going into hiding because her guards and her ladies in waiting have gone against her. She hides in another kingdom as a small peasant, the girl who looks after the geese. Will she get back her title as crown princess? Or will she have to stay as a goose girl forever? This story is full of suspense and surprise, a great book to read."

If you have read this book before or any other book that you feel is worth sharing, please feel free to tell me about it right here on Reading Soup! I'll be sure to post it on the blog. Please include the title of the book, author, what it was about, your favorite part, and who you would recommend it to. Thank you and Happy Memorial Day!

-The Soup Chef  

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