A Poem From The Soup Kitchen


The Race
By The Soup Chef

I do some stretches to pass
the time
Then take my position at the
starting line.
All of a sudden, like a flash
of light,
BANG! I take off, out of
Fourth place, Third place,
and finally second!
I’m on my last lap, I hope
nothing bad happens!
I trip and fall flat on my face.
There goes my chance of
getting first place!
Remembering my coach’s
words, “Never, ever give
I jump back to my feet
Running, running, almost to a
Fourth place, third place,
second place.
The finish line right in front
of my face!
I cross the finish line with a
big leap!
I made first place and was at
the top of the heap!
I was proud of myself for not
giving up!
I will always remember it
with my big trophy cup!

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