Book Review: The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis


Genre: Fantasy
Ages: 9-13

I really liked this book a lot. The adventure, story line, and characters were all good. Even some adults would enjoy this book as well!


Eustace has returned to Narnia again, this time with a girl named Jill Pole from his school. Aslan once again has an assignment for them. They have to find the lost Prince Rillian. Aslan gives them important steps to follow that lead them to the prince.

It's doesn't happen to be as easy as Jill thought though to memorize and carry out those steps. And with man-eating giants, marshwiggles, owls, a witch, and dark underworlds, it is easy to get off task at times. They must fight to stay strong though at all times and follow Aslan's guidelines to complete their quest. Will they find the lost prince?

My favorite part of this book was when Eustace, Jill, and Puddleglum all think that the prince of the Underworld is under a spell but they find out that he was really changed by the witch to think he was the prince of the underworld but he was actually Prince Rillian.

Have you read this book before? If you have, please tell me what you thought of it! It's always great to hear one's thoughts and opinions about a book before you read it. Happy Mother's Day!

-The Soup Chef

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