Book Review: the Law of Gravity by Johanna Hurwitz


Genre: Realistic Fiction
Ages: 9- 12

This book has a lot of good humor that kids would enjoy. I think that both boys and girls would like this book. Margot and Bernie have the classic kid way of laughing. That's one of the things I like about this book.

When 11-year-old Margot's father and two best friends go away for the summer, she thinks she's gonna have the most boring summer ever. Then she meets a kid named Bernie.

He and Margot become good friends from the start. Throughout the summer, Bernie shows Margot things she never knew New York had. Then Margot plans something that might just get her mother to come out of their apartment for the first time in her life. But is it the best and safest idea?

A favorite funny moment of mine in this book is when Bernie comes over to dinner at Margot's place and whispers to Margot, "Listen Margot, I don't want to hurt your feelings or insult your mother, but I think I know why she stays upstairs all the time. She is just about the fattest women I've ever seen. She is probably too embarrassed to let anyone see her." And being a kid, Margot believed him. It reminded me of how kids listen and believe stuff that's not really important. But, there are lots more parts like this in the story and if you want to hear them, just read the book.

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