Book Review: Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper


Genre: Realistic Fiction
Ages: 10 and Up

I would consider this novel to be one of the most tragic yet heartwarming stories ever told. It brought out the most compassionate side of me that I never knew I had. Draper shows what the lives of the disabled are like in ways you never thought of before. My life was not quite the same after reading it.

In this story, 11-year-old Melody is the hero. She has photographic memory and remembers absolutely everything. She is the brightest child in her entire school, but no one knows it. All her life, because of her disability of not being able to talk or walk, she has been taught the same preschool lessons year after year.

One day, Melody finds the solution to put her problems to an end. She can finally be able to communicate with her world. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready for it (even teachers.) With hope, help from family and friends, and love, Melody can find a way to make it the rest of the way.

My favorite moment in this book is when Melody gets her Medi-Talker and stuns her entire class as she says, "Hi everyone, I have a new computer." Immediately, whispers rush around the room with some saying, "My computer doesn't do that!" Sharon M. Draper is an amazing author and I wouldn't mind reading another one of her books. Overall, I love Out of My Mind and think that everyone should have the opportunity to read it.

Do you have a favorite part of this book if you've read it? Tell me! It's always great to hear what your mind has to say!

- The Soup Chef


  1. OMG, izze this site is so much better. its like, gonna be famous!! for book reviews, book reprt help short stories for people to enter! did u rite all these reviews?? there amazing. LUV U!!


  2. Hi Isabel,
    Sharon Draper is a wonderful writer. Have you read her other books? I believe they all focus on children with special gifts or tragic pasts. This book sounds amazing. It reminds me of Terry Trueman's Stuck in Neutral. I would recommend books by Trueman but they are also quite sad. I am enjoying your posts, Soup Chef!
    - Naki-mura