Book Review: Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFluer


Genre: Realistic Fiction
Ages: 9 and Up

This book made me cry in some parts. It is very emotional so if you don't like that, I recommend not reading this book.I really admire the style in which Suzanne LaFluer wrote this book. It was beautiful.

Aubrey feels as if her life is absolutely horrible after the death of her younger sister and father in a car accident. And to top it off, her mother just abandoned her and left her all by herself.

Thankfully, Aubrey has the help of her loving grandmother and a new found friend. With them, she finds the voice to share her feelings that she never new she had. Finally, Aubrey can take her first steps to a better future.

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- The Soup Chef

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  1. Dear Soup Chef,
    I love your blog! I really love the name of your blog - books ARE like soup! They make you feel warm and good inside! Thanks for sharing with me. I think I want to read Love, Aubrey. You made it sound like a delicious read.

    A book that I would recommend for you is called The Magician's Elephant by Kate DiCamillo. In fact, I have a copy and would love to lend it to you, which may mean we have to go on a lunch date soon. It is adventurous, mysterious, funny, and heart-warming, as is most of Kate DiCamillo's novels.

    Thanks again, Soup Chef! (from: Knacky M).